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Try to protect yourself by defeating the zombies that want your brain!


Plants vs. Zombies is an action-strategy game which is included in the PC addicting games category because you won’t be able to stop playing it once you download it. It is developed by PopCap, and it’s considered one of the most-played games in the last few years. Your main task is to defend your home from the zombies that want to eat your brain. Putting you into context: you are relaxed at home when you look outside and see how a great amount of zombies are coming to claim your brain.

You can use the help of your plants that will eat them or use their techniques to slow the zombies’ attack.

It includes different levels, and also different kind of zombies. You have to take into account each one with its abilities, which makes you task difficult. If you finish the Adventure mode, you can enjoy the mini-games included within the game. Its non-stop playing and its addicting feature are two characteristics that stand out from Plants vs. Zombies. Grow plants, take care of them by feeding them, and earn money to download and get new items—these are some of the issues you will have to do in this PC game.

Your main task is to defend your home from the zombies that want to eat your brain

It has a very interesting cartoon style of graphics, providing a humorous aspect to both main characters. It also includes sound effects, a soundtrack and some quotes pronounced by the zombies, all of which create a very exciting environment. At the end of the main campaign, the plants put in an amazing performance which most users tend to highlight as something very funny.

Defend your own home from the terrible zombies!
Defend your own home from the terrible zombies!

Its gameplay

Adventure mode is divided into different hours of the day, weather (such as at night, during the day or even with fog) and places outside your home. If you want to make the fog disappear you can use the Plantern, but it takes too much time recharging itself. First of all you have to face a zombie horde that is gathered in your front yard. They will try to get inside your house and you have to stop them. There’re no obstacles for them and they can appear even in the roof. In that sequence, you have to place a Flow Pot beforehand to stop them.

There are different types of plants but in the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies the most important one is the Sunflower. This kind of plant provides you with the energy needed to get the rest of the plants. Your plants have several ways to attack and hurt the zombies. For example, they can shoot peas if they are PeaShooters, or butter and corn if they are Kernel-Pult kind. Curiously there are other plants that have other kind of attacks such as to slow down zombies’ speed ( as Stopping Plants do). There are also different prices for each one. Tall-Nuts are larger than most of the plants, but they are also more expensive.

“Just-in-Case” plants are explosive and are used to finish off the enemy in case you don’t have any other resource, because they take too much time in recharging, and they are quite expensive. Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno and Squash plants are quite similar to the “Just-in-Case” ones. The first one explodes all the zombies that are around. The second kind of plant explodes an entire lane and the last one that is in front of the plant. Feel free to choose the one you want or need at each particular moment.

You have to think which plant you need at each particular moment
You have to think which plant you need at each particular moment

Plants VS Zombies 4.0 Features

Plants vs. Zombies includes the following features:

  • More than 20 different types of zombies (Snorkelers, Gargantuar, Football zombie…)
  • Almost 40 different types of temporal and perennials plants to defend your own home
  • Ability to play different modes such as at night, during the day, in the swimming pool…etc.
  • Enjoy its 50 levels
  • Create your Zen Garden and feed your plants
  • It includes the Survival mode
  • Save all the information about every plant and zombie in the Almanac
  • It includes free mini-games at the end of each stage

If you want to read more about this PC addicting game, feel free to do so on the developers’ website

System requirements

If you want to download Plants vs. Zombies, we recommend that you check the system requirements beforehand:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB of memory
  • Graphic card: 128 MB RAM
  • Sound card: compatible with DirectX8 or upper
  • HDD: 65 MB of free space available

A very exciting game that you cannot avoid playing
A very exciting game that you cannot avoid playing

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